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The point is to avoid inadvertently incorporating somebody else's trademark, copyrighted material or protected name or likeness into your presentation. You need the owner's consent for any and all of these.  And there's more: You need to evaluate whether your product or service has incorporated someone else’s patented technology.  It is not possible to eliminate all IP risk and protect all inventions or other IP you may have created. But there are experts out there to help. So a typical first step is to retain IP expert. This person can help you identify pitfalls, thereby reducing risk and optimizing opportunity. Although the expense may be unwelcome, the cost of competitors copying your ideas is typically far greater. And receiving a “cease and desist” letter just as your crowdfunding campaign starts to look like a success will be even more unwelcome. Of course the nature of your business will influence the potential types of IP protection and risk you should consider. Service businesses, for instance, rarely rely on patents, but they may employ trade secret processes, and they almost certainly will develop trademarks and potentially copyrightable content in printed materials and images.  So, before you go live, here are some best practices to adhere to: Evaluate whether (or not) to seek patent protection. Particularly if you plan to sell a product, disclosing your product in your public crowdfunding campaign immediately forfeits your ability to obtain a utility patent on that product in most countries unless you have previously filed a patent application. Courts may consider the campaign as an “offer to sell” the product even if you refrain from disclosing details of the product. Such an offer establishes a file-it-or-lose-it deadline for your patent application, even under U.S.

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